Our Rescue Pups

Dublin's Dream Dog Rescue 

Brunno and Brutas 

Meet Bubba and Gandalf

Sweet Senior bonded pair seeking a home together! They are laid back, and great with other dogs

Bubba is a 12 yr old Pittie mix 

Gandalf is a 10 yr old Husky mix 

-Neutered, Microchipped, Vetted- 

If you think your home is perfect for these two, please contact us for an adoption application! 

(775) 425-5336


1 1/2 yr old super energetic young male Rocco is GREAT with other dogs, and loves people! Rocco has had basic obedience training, he's young and very loyal! 

-Neutered, Microchipped, Vetted-

Rocco has tons of energy and seeking a home to match! Is it yours?? Give us a call or email us for adoption forms!

(775) 425-5335


Lyle is a young pup with lots of energy. Loves playing with hill ball and great with other dogs, and such a sweet loving pup!

-Neutered, Microchipped, Vetted-

(775) 425-5335

Ruger is a 9 yr old male Pittie, he is technically a senior, but don't let is age fool you! He is pretty sir for nine.

Ruger is great with other dogs, very sweet and laid back... as long as you keep him occupied!

Rest assured that if left alone for too long he can and will climb a 6 foot fence! So for that reason... his adopter absolutely needs a 6ft+ fence in yard. and plenty of time and love to spent on this sweet boy!!

-Neutered, Microchipped, Vetted-

(775) 425-5335