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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some commonly asked questions we get about daycare or boarding:

What do I need to bring when boarding my dog(s)?

Please bring your pup, their meals and any treats you would like us to give to your pup while boarding. We can accommodate all feeding types! We do have refrigerators and freezers for storing perishable food. We do also offer kennel food for $5 per meal. 

What do you supply?

We supply boarding collars that help us properly ID each dog, leashes (please keep your personal leash), bowls for feeding including slow-feeders, water bowls, dog beds that are sanitized daily, blankets that are washed daily, and tons of love!

Is there nighttime care?

Yes! We have staff members caring for the dogs during the day as well as during the night to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe. 

My pet has a special diet, can you accommodate?

Yes! We can accommodate all feeding styles including kibble, wet, raw, frozen, or refrigerated foods. Each dogs' food bowl is labeled with specific feeding instructions per owner requests. 

Are the boarding/play areas temperature controlled? 

Yes! All boarding areas are temperature controlled through all of Nevada's wonderful seasons. Regardless of the boarding area, all dogs are treated with equal amount of excellent care to ensure comfort for your pup while boarding. 

Do you have indoor play areas?

Yes! We have ample amount of space including indoor and outdoor play areas! If you have a "group" dog, your dog has the freedom to choose indoor or outdoor play through dog doors that allow them the option to enter in or out. 

What does my dog(s) do during the day? 

We believe in structured and routine! All boarding and daycare types are full of enriching activities designed for dogs. Enrichment activities are always supervised, even when its one on one. We offer a variety of different options to keep your pup occupied while with us! Some examples are scent games, nose work, agility, free play, extra walks, ball pits, bubble parties, holiday themed parties, photobooths, fetch, tug-o-war, cuddle time, and more! 

Does my dog always have water available?

Yes! All play yards have automatic water bowls that are cleaned regularly for the dogs to drink from. All dogs have additional personal water bowls they have access too during breaks/nap times/night times. All bowls are cleaned multiple times a day to ensure fresh clean water is always available. 

Can you accommodate medical conditions?

We are able to accommodate a limited number of medical conditions. We are not able to accommodate guests that require medical treatment beyond dispensing oral or topical medication (ie. shots, drains, bandage changes, sutures, seizures, epilepsy, etc.) unless treatment is prearranged.

Does my dog sleep outside?

No! All dogs are brought back to their designated boarding areas, tucked into bed with the dogs inside and doors shut. Night Shift ensures all dogs are safe and warm. 

What are your business hours?

Our business hours are Mon. - Sun. 7am to 7pm.  We are closed everyday 12PM - 1PM for lunch. You may not pick up/drop off during the lunch hour. For Holiday hours and pricing please go to our website

Holiday Schedule/Pricing | Spanish Springs Pet Resort.


What time can I drop off or pick up my dog?

You may drop off for daycare or boarding any time between 7am-7pm excluding the lunch hour which is from 12PM-1PM. You may not pick up or drop off during the lunch hour. For boarding, on the day of pickup check out is by 10:00AM. If you check out from boarding after 10:00AM there is a $19.00 fee per dog will be applied. If you check out after 2PM a $27.00 fee per dog will be applied. We are closed everyday 12PM-1PM for lunch. You may not check in/out during the lunch hour.


What are your prices for Daycare/Boarding?

For Daycare:

 Daycare goes by half day and full day. If your dog(s) are at our facility for less than 4 hrs the cost is $19.00 per dog. If your dog(s) are at our facility for over 4 hrs. or more the price is $27.00 for the first dog and $25.00 for each additional dog.


For Boarding:

Boarding cost: 

Main Kennel: 1 dog $40.00 per night/  2 dogs $72.00 per night/  3 dogs $105.00 per night.

 Deluxe Boarding: 1 dog $60.00 per night/2 dogs $110.00 per night/3 dogs $165.00 per night.

Air Alone: 1 dog $50.00 per night/2 dogs $100.00 per night/3 dogs $150 per night.

All boarding styles are 10% off after a 10+ day stay!


What vaccinations are required?

The vaccinations that are required for both Daycare and Boarding are:

1. Bordetella

2. Distemper/Parvo (DHPP)

3. Rabies

All vaccinations must be current and administered by a veterinarian for your animal to participate in daycare/ boarding at our facility. If vaccinations are due to expire during your pets stay, you must have the vaccinations updated prior to boarding or end your pets boarding the day before the vaccination(s) are due to expire. If you have a pre-scheduled vaccination appointment, proof of that appointment must be shown. If a vaccination clinic used for the pre-scheduled appointment proof of the day and time of the clinic must be shown for us to schedule a future service for you. 

Are Temperament Tests required? 

Yes. All dogs that wish to attend our facility must do a temperament test, even if they are doing air alone care. All dogs must pass the temperament test. The test is pre-scheduled for 4 hours but ultimately the dog determines the time of the test. If the testing goes over the 4 hours you (the owner) will be notified. You can schedule the test under DAYCARE anytime during our business hours, except during the lunch hour. We are closed from 12:00PM - 1:00PM every day for lunch. Test should be scheduled before 3:00PM so that we have 4 hours to conduct the test. Temperament testing is required for first time guests, or for guests who have not attended the facility within a 6-month time period. 


What if my dog does not pass temperament testing?

We have different temperament tests for different boarding styles. We are making sure your pup is comfortable with the facility, staff members, and other dogs. We are reading your dogs body language to ensure they are having a good time while in the pack, and its something they enjoy. All dogs must freely enter the play yards, we do not force them to play. Sometimes dogs who do not pass for group play are still friendly, but are not confident or do not enjoy a crowd. 


If your dog doesn't enjoy group play, or has other special needs, we have air alone care. Air alone temperament testing is to ensure your dog is comfortable staying with us. We want to ensure they enjoy the yard play area, staff members, and boarding quarters. Some dogs exhibit extreme anxiety while boarding, which may be deemed unsafe. 


Dogs with EXTREME anxiety may behave in ways even the owner has not seen before, the test is to ensure everyone is safe and happy while at Spanish Springs Pet Resort. If your dog has any signs of wanting to escape, flee, or will not allow us to approach them, we may deem it unsafe for boarding. If we are not the right fit for your dog, we may recommend another facility or different boarding options. 


How do I become a client at Spanish Springs Pet Resort?

Please go to:

 Fill out the form and submit it. Once you submit the form online, please go directly to client login. This is the link.

Login with the information that you created on the registration form, make sure to use proper capitalization. Once logged in, the system will automatically take you to a page to sign three wavers. Sign all three digitally. Now, you can add your pet(s). Once your pet is added to the account, you can either send me a text to this number 775-425-5335 with the shot records ( we require bordetella, distemper/parvo, & rabies) or email them to: Once your account is created and the shot records are sent in, please contact us to let us know so we can update your account and go forward with scheduling!


Do you accommodate all dogs?

A note of a few things we are unable to accommodate: 

1. Dogs with any history of climbing, jumping, digging to escape, or escaping. 

2. Dogs with extreme anxiety/fear.

3. Aggressive dogs towards staff members

4. Female dogs that are in heat (dogs who have been in heat within the last 30 days) 

5. Guests that have a terminal illness and are in the late stages of the illness

6. Guests that have had a communicable illness of any kind during the last 30 days prior to check-in

7. Guests that require medical treatment beyond dispensing oral or topical medication (ie. shots, drains, bandage changes, seizures, sutures, etc.) unless treatment is prearranged. 

8. Guests that have been in a shelter at any time during the 30 days prior to check-in

Is there an age limit?

Puppies must have all required vaccines and the final rounds of DHPP (distemper/parvo). Distemper/Parvo vaccines are typically administered in 3-4 rounds before receiving a final dose. Puppies must have final dosing and wait a 10 day wait period from the day the final dose was given before coming to the facility. Dogs that are 10+ years old may have a hard time when boarding. Senior dogs must be evaluated for boarding to ensure their safety. Evaluation is required for all first-time pets or pets who have not been to the facility within a 6-month period. 


I have multiple dogs, can they board together?

Yes! Our facility is able to accommodate families of all sizes! We have 3 different boarding areas, depending on the boarding type we may offer multidog discounts. 


Do dogs that are boarding get to play with other dogs?

Dogs who are passed for group play and are spayed/neutered over the age of one year, all go to daycare during the day during their stay! Dogs who are older than one year and are unaltered OR are not able to attend group play for various reasons, get special one on one play with our wonderful staff. 

Do all the dogs play together?

At Spanish Springs Pet Resort we have 7 different play yards! Small dogs play with small dogs and large dogs play with  large dogs. Dogs that are unable to participate in Group Play have Air Alone daycare/boarding options. Please See What Air Alone Boarding is below. 

What times are boarding dogs fed?

Feeding times may vary but a general description of feeding times is 7am and 4:30-5pm. If your dog requires special accommodation, please let us know and we are more than happy to accommodate feeding times. 


Do you feed Daycare dogs?

Daycare dogs generally don’t want to eat when we remove them from play. Its similar to taking a kid from a party and asking them to eat vegetables. Unless you're offering a special treat, they won't be very happy! If your dog requires special accommodation, please let us know and we are more than happy to accommodate!


What is Main Kennel Boarding?

Main kennel boarding dogs must be spayed/neutered over the age of 12 months. Dogs in main kennel boarding get their own rooms at night with their own personal beds, water bowls, and blankets in a building that is temperature controlled. Main kennel dogs go play in daycare during the day and may be moved around the facilities play yards to have fun. 


What is Deluxe Boarding?

Deluxe boarding dogs must be spayed/neutered after 12 months of age and tolerate larger groups of dogs. Deluxe boarding is more of a slumber party style boarding, with dogs free roaming in our home away from home with supervision. Deluxe boarding dogs also go to daycare during the day and may be moved around the facilities playards to have fun. Although deluxe boarding dogs are free roaming most of the time, there are times they will be kenneled. Feeding times, nap times, and shift changes are times deluxe boarding dogs may be kenneled. They would remain at the house and we use crates similar to the ones you may have at home. We use the proper sizing for your pup. If your pup is moved for play during the day, they are always brought back to deluxe boarding for the night. 


What is Air Alone Boarding?

The name can be misleading, your pup is not alone! Air Alone boarding is for dogs who are older than 12 months and not spayed/neutered, or dogs who are not comfortable in large groups, or may be older and unable to tolerate group play or may not be dog friendly. Your dog(s) outside playtime is spent with a member of our staff; there are no other dogs in the play yard. For dogs that have siblings, the siblings can be allowed to be in the play yards. Air alone dogs share yard time and are rotated to play in 15-30 min intervals constantly throughout the day, and 2x at night. 

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